Friday, March 9, 2012

Asrock M3A770DE - AMD AM3 Motherboard

Asrock M3A770DE
What is the best, cheap, and perfect AM3 motherboards? here is Asrock M3A770DE motherboard, comes with very friendly for budget, these AMD AM3 motherboard offers many of features. We all know that there is many of cheap AM3 motherboards in the market, but it's usually just comes with 2 slots of memory, so you can't add more memory modules on your motherboards, Asrock seemly want to give more than standard cheap AM3 motherboard, yes the Asrock M3A770DE has comes with 4 slots of memory modules, great, but wait the Asrock M3A770DE also ready for multi-graphics card system "CrossFireX" because it has comes with 2x PCi-E 16X, nice huh? let see more below.

ASRock M3A770DE : Cheap AM3 motherboard with 2xPCI-e 16X and 4xDDR3 slots
Asrock M3A770DE - AMD AM3 Motherboard
Main features of "Asrock M3A770DE"
- AMD AM3 socket motherboard
- Chipset : NB AMD 770, SB AMD SB710
- Supports AMD Processors up to AMD Phenm II X6 (six-cores)
- Maximum TDP : 140Watt
- Dual Channel DDR3 (1600)
- 4 x DDR3 DIMM slots (16GB of maximum capacity)
- 2 x PCI Express 2.0 x16 slots
- CrossFireX Multi GPU supported
- 7.1 Channel Audio
- Supports AMD OverDrive with AMD Advanced Clock Calibration
- Features : OC tools, Asrock Xfast Tech, smart BIOS, and more.

In the cheap AM3 motherboard class, ASRock also has released the ASRock 770DE3L series with lower prices, but it has comes with only 2xslots of memory and single PCI-e x16. So if you want to get more features from cheap AMD AM3 motherboards, Asrock M3A770DE is one of the best in this class, full features and supports for latest AMD Phenom II X6 also supports for dual-graphics card, it's will give more performance and better gaming performance. Good luck and enjoy your days.

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