Thursday, March 8, 2012

AMD FX-8120 - 8 Core Processor with Cheap Prices

In the top level of AMD Bulldozer processor line-up, AMD has released the new prices for AMD FX-8120 with $199 of prices, if you never know about AMD FX-8120 series, this is the 8-cores Bulldozer processor which it has comes with 3.1GHz of default clock speed up to 4.0GHz with AMD Turbo Technology and 8MB of L2 cache memory. In the last month, I have written about these processor here : AMD FX-8120, FX-6120, FX-4150, but I can't found the official prices for AMD FX-6120 and AMD FX-4150 so far, so just wait for it.

AMD FX processor
As one of the most powerful processors from AMD, AMD FX-8120 looks so interesting, why not? with cost for only under $200 (not official price), you can get the 8-cores processor from AMD, what about their competitor like Intel Core i5? well I have to tell you that i5 is awesome processor for working even for playing extreme PC games series, but if you're one of AMD fans, AMD FX-8120 can be your 1st choice.

So, if you ready to try the 8-cores Bulldozer processors, you should better try this edition, don't worry about the performance and also for gaming experience, I believe that the 8-cores features can handle everything, just combine this processor with 4GB of memory and don't forget to put your add-on graphics card such as NVidia GeForce 560 or AMD Radeon HD 6900 family or new AMD Radeon HD 7900 for better gaming experience.

Truly, the 6-cores processors is enough for daily computing activity, but sometimes we need more computer performance for extreme task, AMD FX-8120 with cheap prices is one of the best solution for it, it has better than AMD 6-cores performance but the prices still friendly for mainstream computer user. Good luck and enjoy.

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