Wednesday, February 8, 2012

AMD Trinity Release Date

A few days ago, I have written about Trinity here (AMD Trinity) you can check it first. AMD Trinity release date is expected in March, 2012 and I hope it will give more performance than Intel and the prices will get lower than Intel line-up. So is it a good news right? you can wait for it before you buy AMD processors today. For more info about it, let see a few info "what is Trinity. AMD Trinity is the next gen of AMD processor that will comes with better performance than AMD Llano series, AMD Trinity will comes with up to 4 cores processor (quad-cores) series and it's looks enough for our computer system today.

AMD Trinity Release Date - Road-Map
AMD Trinity release date road-map
AMD Trinity features :
- 2nd generation of AMD Bulldozer core
- 20% better than Llano
- 3rd gen Turbo Core technology
- Speeds up to DDR3 2133
- Up to Quad-Core processor type and 4MB L2 of cache memory
- Multi-gpu supported
- FM2 socket motherboard type, and many more.

As you can see on the table pic, AMD Trinity release date is expected in the middle of this year, and if you want to get it, you have to carefully when choosing motherboard, AMD Trinity reportedly will use the new FM2 socket motherboard, and you can't use FM1 motherboard for Trinity (CMIIWW). AMD socket FM2 package has 904 pins while the FM1 socket has 905 pins. You need a new motherboard for running with new AMD Trinity processor. Have a nice days.

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Official launch date leaked this week.. It's may the 15th according to this article: