Monday, January 9, 2012

Intel Pentium G630 - 2.70 GHz - Dual Core

Here is one of the next Intel Pentium 2nd generation with Sandy Bridge code, it's Intel G630 socket 1155. Powered by 2.7GHz dual core processor, 3MB of memory cache, 2 thread and 2 core, not the best but still good for daily computing activity. Truly, there is more than one series from Intel Pentium next generation, i have written it in my older post.

Intel Pentium G630 Sandy Bridge Features :
- 2.70 GHz clock speed
- Dual core processors
- 3MB of memory cache
- 65 W of maximum TDP
- DDR3-1066 with max 32GB
- Intel HD on-board graphics card
- GPU 850 MHz

Here's for you reference
Intel Pentium G Sandy Bridge

If you want to see more performance about Intel G630, I will post it in the next post, but if you want to see the performance from another Intel Pentium G series and still in the same class, you can read it here : Intel G840.

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