Monday, December 19, 2011

AMD Catalyst 12.1 Preview Driver

AMD Catalyst 12.1 preview drivers has ready for your AMD graphics card and it's has been released. Now, the AMD 12.1 has made special for computer users who has installed the AMD HD 6000 series and also AMD HD 5000 series, there are 2 type of AMD Catalyst 12.1 preview drivers, the fist edition is for Windows Visa & Seven (7), and the another one for Windows XP, AMD said that it's highly recommended that all PC gamers uses this Catalyst driver series. So what is the new features from AMD 12.1 edition? here they are.

Download AMD 12.1 preview driver here :
Windows Vista and Seven (7) :

Windows XP :

Here is quoted from AMD official website here : Support AMD

Are you Skyrim PC games player? here is one of the good news for you
  1. Performance : Improves performance (10-15%) in Elder Scrolls: Skyrim when Multi-Sample Anti-Aliasing is enabled on the AMD Radeon™ HD 6900 Series for single GPU and AMD CrossfireX configurations
  2. Enables support for AMD HD3D technology in conjunction with AMD CrossFireX configurations
  3. Delivers a new Stereo 3D mode over HDMI 1.4a connections - 1080p at 30Hz is now enabled on supported displays.
  4. AMD Catalyst 12.1 Preview driver enables users to create per application profiles to individually control 3D and CrossFireX settings for Direct3D applications
  5. Please be sure to select the “Restore Factory Defaults” option under the Catalyst Control Center Preferences menu before using the new application profiles feature – this ensures there are no compatibility issues between previous drivers and the new AMD Catalyst 12.1 Preview driver with regards to application profiles.
  6. AMD Catalyst 12.1 Preview driver includes user interface enhancements to simplify adjustment of video color and video quality control.
If you have found invalid drives address location or any question for AMD Catalyst 12.1 preview driver, just leave your comment here and I will try to help you. Enjoy your days.

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