Friday, November 18, 2011

Intel i7-3960X Sandy Bridge-E

The new Intel i7-3960X Sandy Bridge-E processor has made for motherboard LGA2011 socket and it has released. Intel i7-3960X is six core processor with 12 threads, 15 MB of cache, it's looks great for extreme gaming even for hard computer tasks. Released a few days ago, Intel i7-3960X Sandy Bridge-E has 3.3 GHz of default clock processor and comes with 3.9 GHz of maximum turbo clock frequency with Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2. As you can see on the i7-3960X specs below, this is one of strong Intel processor and comes for latest Intel socket platform, Intel LGA2011 socket motherboard. 130 W is the maximum TDP of this Intel Sandy Bridge-E processor. Let see on the Intel i7-3960X Sandy Bridge-E specs table below

Intel i7-3960X main specification
Intel i7-3960X
- Name : Intel i7-3960X (Extreme Edition)
- Intel Sandy Bridge-E Family
- Intel LGA2011 Socket
- 6 Cores, 12 Threads
- 3.3 GHz with Max Turbo Up to 3.9 GHZ
- 15MB of Intel Smart Cache
- 130 W of Maximum TDP
- 64 bit instruction set
- i7-3960X prices ~ $999 (Nov, 2011)

Intel i7-3960X Sandy Bridge-E Table Features
Intel i7-3960X Sandy Bridge-E

Before, you buy the latest processor, you should better check the processor performance and also prices to performance ration, Intel i7-3960X Sandy Bridge-E is new processor today, and I can suggest this processor for you right now because the benchmark and performance of this processor is not yet lot available, so let see the time to answer it, but the last, Intel i7-3960X looks good for multitask computing cause Intel i7-3960X comes with 6 cores with 12 threads. Well, please be patience for performance information.

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