Sunday, September 9, 2012

AMD A6-4455M - Accelerated Processors (APU)

AMD A6-4455M is one of the AMD APU (accelerated processors) which it has come with 2.1GHz of clock speed, 2MB L2 and powered by AMD Radeon HD 7500G on-chip graphics card (GPU). As one of mobile processors, the AMD A6-4455M looks better than another AMD APU processors such as AMD A6-3420 or another AMD A6-3400M type because it has faster clock speed, but is it true? let see together. AMD A6-4455M is non AMD Quad-Cores mobile processors, it's an dual-core mobile CPU, so it has limited for total performance while it comparing to the A6-3400M family (quad-cores class).

Today we can found many notebooks with AMD A6-4455M processors such as Samsung Series 5 notebook or HP Envy Sleekbook, so if you want to try the processor, you should better check the notebooks specs first.

AMD A6-4455M key features / specs

- CPU name : AMD A6-4455M APU (Accelerated Processors)
- Graphics card type : Radeon HD 7500G, DirectX 11.
- Total cores : 2 (dual-core processors)
- Default clock speed : 2.1GHz
- Power : 0.7750-1.1500V, 17W with 100C of max temp.
- Memory interface : DDR3 1333MHz
- L2 cache memory : 2MB total

If you looking for entry level notebooks with dual-core CPU inside, the AMD A6-4455M Trinity APU is one of the best choice for you, it has 2MB L2 memory and 2.1GHz of speed, looks strong enough for playing any light PC games but not recommended for heavy PC games such as Crysis or also Battlefield 3.

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