Friday, February 10, 2012

MSI WindPad - Windows 7 Tablets

MSI WindPad is Windows 7 tablet from MSI, today we can found 2 series of MSI WindPad, WinPad 100W edition and also WinPad 110W edition, the 100W series has been born with Intel Melow processor Z530 with 1.60GHz of clock speed and the 110W edition has powered by AMD Brazos dual-core Z01 APU processor, both of tablets uses 10" of display screen size.
MSI WindPad
We're know that tablets is compact mini computers, it's light and also easy to use with touch screen input. MSI as one of the popular computer components seemly want to give more tablets experience with the Windows 7 Home Premium operating system, while other tablet comes with Android OS, MSI WinPad uses Windows OS. Actually, MSI WindPad has shown a great looks appears, it's also powered by latest mobile processor, both from Intel and also from AMD, so you can easy to choose it. Now let see more about MSI WindPad specs below.

MSI WindPad 100W - Main Specs
CPU type : Intel Atom Melow Processor Z530, 1.60GHz of clock speed
Operating System : Windows 7 Home Premium
Memory type/capacity : DDR2, 2GB
Screen /LCD Size : 10.1" Touch Panel
Graphics : Intel GMA 500 (shared memory)
MSI WindPad 110W
Now let see the WindPad 110W edition
CPU type : AMD Brazos Dual Core Z01 APU series
Operating System : Windows 7 Home Premium
Memory type/capacity : DDR3/2GB Up-to 4GB
Screen /LCD Size : 10" 1280x800 with IPS wide view multi-touch screen
Graphics : AMD HD 6250
HDD (GB) : 32GB/64GB (SSD)

You can see that MSI WindPad 110W specs has better than WindPad 100W edition, but both of tablets looks good and fun for us. There is many different things between WindPad 100W and WindPad 110W, it has different on CPU type, memory type, HDD capacity, and also graphics card type, it because the WindPad 100W has been born with Intel platform while the WindPad 110W comes with AMD APU processor series which it looks better for display and 3D apps. I will write more about MSI WindPad specs and features in the next post, so keep patience. Enjoy.

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