Friday, February 17, 2012

Intel Core i7 3820 - 3.6Ghz Quad-Core LGA2011 Processor

Comes from Intel LGA2011 socket, Intel i7 3820 is the all new quad-core processor with 3.6Ghz of default clock speed, it's one of Intel Sandy Bridge-E series. As we know that Intel also has released the premium LGA2011 processor such as Intel i7-3960X Extreme Edition, it has powered by 3.3GHz, six-core, 12 threads and 15MB cache, but the prices of this processor is expensive, it's around $900. So Intel seemly want to give another choice for us, Intel Core i7 3820 is great quad-core processor from Intel, and looks so powerful for mainstream computer user with "friendly prices" of course.

i7 3820 has a good specification which is quite interesting for me, although it doesn't have 6-core, i7 3820 looks not bad with only "quad-core processor" label. How much does it cost? from many news that has been circulating, this processor will be under $500 of prices, and I expect will be around $ 300 - $ 400. Hopefully.

As we all know, Intel has been rumored to be soon released the Ivy Bridge processor line-up, in the presence of this plan, we all expect that Intel will deliver lower prices for i3, i5 or also for i7 socket 1155. This is and excellent news, especially for anyone who wanted to try the Sandy Bridge. What about Sandy Bridge E series? of course this is a hard choice, if I notice there will be three classes, Sandy Bridge, Sandy Bridge-E, and the last one is new Ivy Bridge.

Intel Core i7 3820 Main Features
Code name : Intel Core i7 3820
Socket type : LGA2011
Default Clock Speed : 3.6Ghz
Turbo Speed : Up to 3.9Ghz
Processor type : Quad-Core with 8 Threads
Memory cache : 10MB
Memory : 4 Channels DDR3 1600

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