Thursday, January 12, 2012

EVGA Showing The EVGA SR-X Dual Intel LGA2011

EVGA showing the Dual Intel LGA2011 motherboard at CES 2012, that is EVGA SR-X series. Is it can be the perfect dual motherboard for our Intel socket 2011 processor? well you have to know that EVGA SR-X Dual Socket 2011 is not for Intel Sandy Bridge E series, it's for Intel Xeon processor, unfortunately we can't find the real dual processor motherboards for Intel Sandy Bridge desktop series.

Truly, I have written about this EVGA motherboard a few months ago here (EVGA SR3-X79), and now let see more images of EVGA SR-X Dual Intel LGA2011. The news and images has comes from EVGA page on Facebook,, and from
EVGA SR-X Dual Intel LGA2011
It's comes with rich of memory slots and PCI-e slots !!
EVGA SR-X Dual Intel LGA2011 Image from :

EVGA SR-X Dual Intel LGA2011 motherboard

EVGA SR-X Dual Intel LGA2011 - rear IO
EVGA SR-X Dual Intel LGA2011 - EVGA LAbs
images from :

Features :
- Dual Intel Socket LGA2011 Processor
- 96Gb of max memory capacity
- PCIe x16 Gen 3 slots
- Supports multi graphics card
- USB 3.0, and more

As you can see, The EVGA SR-X Dual processor motherboard has been born for Intel LGA2011 type, but it's not for SB-E series, it's special made for Intel Xeon processor with socket Intel LGA2011, so you can't put the Intel Sandy Bridge-E processor into the EVGA SR-X board.

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