Saturday, October 22, 2011

EVGA Dual Socket LGA 2011 Motherboard : SR3 - X79

Looking for dual socket motherboard for your Intel Sandy Bridge processor? you have to read it more.. it's EVGA SR3 X79 dual socket motherboard for Intel socket 2011. We know that sometime we need more processor on our gaming motherboard, and EVGA motherboard seems known it. EVGA SR3 x79 is dual socket LGA 2011 motherboard, and it's mean this motherboard uses Intel's X79 chipset for Sandy Bridge-E processors.

EVGA Dual Socket LGA 2011 Motherboard : SR3 - X79
Designed for powerful computer system, EVGA SR3-X79 looks great with a lot of features for best experience, as you can see, you can use Intel Sandy Bridge-EP Xeon processor into this dual processor motherboard, it's also supported 4-way SLI with 12 DIMM slots of maximum memory. What's more? let see together, if you will uses more computer part on this EVGA motherboard series, you will satisfy with it all. There are 16 PCI express slot, and contained 4 PCI 3.0 x16. For rich computer data management, EVGA SR3 also available with 14 sata ports, eSata, DIP switches to toggle PCI-E slots and SATA ports. If you want to push your Intel processor clock, this motherboard also comes with PWM circuitry around the DIMM slots, 6+1 phase digital PWM around the CPU sockets, it's good for stability and max clock value.

Update (Jan, 2012) : EVGA SR-X Dual Intel LGA2011 at CES

I haven't found the prices and also full specification of EVGA SR3 - X79 the dual socket LGA 2011 motherboard, let see it in the next posts.


Swoosh said...

Any info on its release? If EVGA is
serious about releasing this hi
performance motherboard, it will be a
hit! A lot of enthusiast will buy this
specially those who are into hi end
gaming, 3D rendering and animation and
video editing like what i do for a
living. Installing two LGA2011
processors on this mobo and overclock
it using water cooled cpu cooler will
definitely make my gaming, 3d and video
editing experience more efficient.

Please EVGA make it happen, please!

Admin said...

You can check it more on update post above. Thanks