Sunday, January 8, 2012

Biostar TA75M+ : Socket FM1 for AMD E2/A Series

Biostar TA75M+ is one of AMD FM1 socket motherboards that supports AMD A-series and AMD E2-series processors. Biostar TA75M+ has comes with full 100% solid capacitors, this is one of the key points from this FM1 motherboards. As one of the new AMD processor motherboards, Biostar TA75M+ is rocking with a lot of good features, such as AMD dual graphics option, SATA 6Gb/s and also USB 3.0 for faster data transfer. You can put the AMD dual-core and quad-core processor type such as AMD A8, A6, A4 and E2 series for Biostar TA75M+.

Biostar TA75M+ (Socket FM1 for AMD A-series and E-series)
Biostar TA75M+ for AMD A/E series FM1 socket motherboard
Comes from Biostar TA series, this mobo has full 100% full high quality capacitors, it's made for better stability, and good for overclocking.. nice. Here is the processor list (AMD A and E series)

AMD A8-3870, A8-3850, A8-3820, A8-3800
AMD A6-3650, A6-3620, A6-3600, A6-3500
AMD A4-3420, A4-3400, A4-3400, A4-3300, A4-3300
AMD E2-3200

Biostar TA75M+ box
Key Features :
Supports AMD A series / E2 series
Socket AMD FM1 processors
4 X slots memory
SATA 6Gb/s and USB 3.0
Dual Graphics Technology
Full solid capacitors
Supports Blue-Ray Audio

Biostar TA75M+ also powered by Charger Booster for fast device charging, THX truStudio PRO, Green Power Utility, BIO-Remote 2, Rapid Debug 3 with digital LED display. If you're overclock enthusiast, Biostar TA75M+ also equipped with on-board reset and power button for better overclocking experience.

Biostar TA75M+ Rear I/O
The rear I/O of Biostar TA75M+ has completed with USB 3.0 and HDMI ports, great.

1 x PS/2 Keyboard
2 x USB 3.0 Port
4 x USB 2.0 Port
1 x HDMI Connector
1 x DVI Connector
1 x VGA Port
1 x RJ-45 Port
6 x Audio Connector

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As one of premium class of Biostar FM1 socket motherboard, I thing that Biostar TA75M+ is more than enough for entry level to medium class computer users. The TA label means that Biostar TA75M+ can run with high performance with solid caps.

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