Monday, January 2, 2012

Apple Ipad 2 Processor : Apple A5 1GHz Dual Core

Ipad 2 Processor - Apple A5
Apple A5 !! that is the name of Apple processor for Ipad 2 processor type. Comes with 1Ghz (based from Apple official website) and 800MHz - 1GHz (based from Wikipedia), Ipad 2 processor A5 looks powerful for fun like for browsing, working, playing some video files also for playing games. What is the most important features from Apple A5? well it's a dual core processor type !! and you will get more performance with 2 cores on the single Apple chip.

Ipad 2 processor specs
(Apple A5 chip)
Max. CPU clock rate : 800 MHz  to 1 GHz 
Min. feature size   : 45 nm
Instruction set     : ARM v7
Cores               : 2     
L1 cache            : 32 kB instruction + 32 kB data
L2 cache            : 1 MB

Today, almost all premium tablet PC comes with dual core processor, it's can make the tablet PC performance and tablet PC experience better than previous generation. So, the Ipad 2 processor has been born to handle it, you will like it and the display / screen respond and smooth acceleration has on it.

The 2 core with 1GHz / core of Apple A5 processor can do anything for you, playing table PC games will better than before, as you know that HD games need more powerful graphic, larger memory RAM and the most important is fast processor speed, Apple A5 processor can do it with 1GHz of speed and dual core type, don't forget, Apple A5 processor also equipped with 1MB of L2 cache memory, great.

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