Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dual Processor Motherboard Blog

Are you gamer, designer, server technician or computer freaks? Everyone love about powerful PC, Dual Processor Motherboard is the most important basic PC parts for your Rig. Today, Intel and also AMD has a good powerful processor, for example, they have 2 core, 4 core, and also 6 core processor, is it enough for daily computing? I thing yes, truly, I'm as blog owner is one of computer knowledge lover, and for me, dual processor motherboard is interesting and i want to know more about it. So.. this is blog for dual processor motherboard information, hope you lie it guys.. 
dual processor motherboard
Dual Processor Motherboard usually come with 2 processor socket, yeah it's for your 2 CPU. People usually uses dual processor motherboard for server on network place, your office, your schools, or super gamer maniac. Memory slot must available more than 4 slot, yeah if 1 CPU need 4 slot, with 2 dual processor we need 8 slot. On the market, so far, I can found dual processor motherboard for Athlon, Pentium P4, Amd Xeon and also i7, but I believe there are still available another series. I will write more about dual processor motherboard from Asus, Gigabyte, MSI or another motherboard brand. So keep following guys and have a nice day.


Computer technical support services said...

Dual processor motherboard have revolutionized the world of computing. It has made computer faster and more robust.

Admin said...

It's also great for gaming right? or for home work computing system. thanks for comments

circuit board said...

That's really great and i think its fastest for my PC motherboard. Sounds like good , I will buy it soon.

Admin said...

Good luck for you, remember a be smart user, buy it if you really need it. Thanks