Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 - Video Trailer

The all new PES 2013 (Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 PC game) first video trailer has released by official PES channel on YouTube, so are you ready to play? what is the new things from PES 2013 edition? Basically, the all new PES 2013 has been born with many new features, extensions and also improvements, all of this new things comes based from PES feedback via comments on PES community, on the official PES portal, PES Facebook fan pages, email and many way. Let see together.

Here is the main features of new Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 edition
PES 2013 video trailer :

PES 2013 Main Features :
- Total Freedom of Control
- Dynamic First Touch
- Full Manual Shooting and Full Manual Passing
- Full Manual One-Two
- Better dribbling control
- Response Defending
- incredible likeness and signature attributes of players
- Individuality to Goalkeepers
- ProActive AI, and many more :
More detail about PES 2013 you can visit HERE

PES 2013 will release soon, and I love it so much, there are so many changes on the new PES 2013 game-play, player characteristic, computer AI, and many more, I hope it will better than the PES 2012 edition. The tip player on the PES 2012 is good enough, the AI on the PES 2012 is hard to beat but you can win if you have many game experience. For 2013 edition, KONAMI also making a better AI with ProActive AI, what it's mean? well we will see more about PES 2013 in the next time. Just watch the video trailer and enjoy.

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