Wednesday, February 22, 2012

GeForce GT 430 Benchmark - Gaming Performance

GeForce GT 430
Today, let see the GeForce GT 430 benchmark results, it's PC gaming performance point and I believe that many of GeForce GT 430 owner want to know more about their cheap NVidia graphics card performance. As we known, GT 430 is entry level graphics card from NVidia that has comes for people who need a new VGA card with limited budget, this card powered by 700 MHz of GPU clock speed, 800 MHz - 900 MHz (DDR3) of memory clock speed, 1 GB DDR3 of memory capacity, and it has DX 11 supported. NVidia GT 430 is not bad for gaming in medium resolution and medium to high settings, you can play some PC games very well in this settings. Well, let see GT 430 benchmark below

All of benchmarks results may not 100% accurate and may not the same with your results, it's defending the system test, to get more fair results, I has taken from 2 sources.

GeForce GT 430 Benchmark
Crysis Warhead : 1280x1025,Mainstream quality : 31.2 FPS
Battlefield Bad Company 2 : 1280x1025 - Medium quality : GT 430=36.2 FPS
Left 4 Dead : 1680x1050, 4xAA, Max setting quality : 51 FPS
Dirt 2 : 1280 x 1024, medium quality : 54.3 FPS
Mass Effect 2 : 1280x1024, optional effect disabled : 55.3 FPS

Test system : Intel Core i7-920 @3.33GHz, DDR3-1333 3 x 2GB, Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit with Asus ENGT430 for GeForce GT430 sample.
VIA : Anandtech

Well, as you can see on GeForce GT 430 benchmark data, GT 430 can play Crysis, Battlefield 2, Left 4 Dead, and also Dirt 2 in medium settings, it's good enough right? Now let see with DirectX 11 mode with 1440x900 resolution, it has comes from Hardwarecanucks with Intel Core i5 750 @2.67Ghz, 2x2GB OCZ Platinum PC-15000, and Windows 7 64 with ASUS GT 430 1GB of GeForce GT430 sample.

Alien Versus Predator : Normal, tessellation On, Adv. Shadow OFF, 1xAA, 16xAF 34.74
Dirt 2 : High details, 0xAA, Post Processing High : 32.79 FPS

VIA : Hardwarecanucks

GeForce GT 430 is good graphics card for gaming in medium to high settings with medium resolution, you can use it for your small desktop computer. So stop asking "can I run it?" yes you can, but please adjust the setting for better gaming experience. Good luck.

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